Vehicle Value

The prices people see on cars at car-lots is not written in stone. You have what I call haggle room.

If, your car you wish to trade ranks with car show cars you will have every right to stick to your investment. The problem when you have a show car you narrow your potential customers.

Every little flaw is calculated what would it take to make it flawless. It does not matter whether it is repaired or not.

I was proud of my oldest son. The salesmen claimed that was the hardest $100.00 he ever earned.

Stick to your research (that is why you do it)


An up to date maintenance and repair records to show perspective buyers is a big plus towards getting your asking price.

If you take your vehicle to a maintenance shop and they can not find anything wrong then stick to your research someone will buy it. I can only hope for your sake you are not selling for an urgent need.
Appraisal Sites

Kelly Blue Book

Auto Trader


True Car

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