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The chance to work from home and supplement your income. The need to know computer code is negated by the step by step teaching method. They have a starter program that lets you know whether this is for you before you spend anything.

First Aid Kit

Power Inverters

The best type of tools to have are tools that help you achieve a greater productivity. One type are. Power InvertersThey allow you to watch T.V.  cook meals, operate higher watt demanding equipment like air compressors and various power tools. These are handy for trucks,  R.V.’s , camping, parties, and a wide variety of social events.

Power Inverters

There is nothing like having a social get-together that extends into evening and being able to light up the area. Or, needing to light up a work area or use certain tools when the distance to a power source is too great.

Tool Rental

There are many parts houses that will rent the less used but essential specialized tools. (Strut Spring Compressor) for example.

Hand Tools

Any one doing their own maintenance must have a variety of hand tools. The more involved the work the larger the tool collection.

Hand Tools

Working on your own vehicle a person still needs to be safety aware.

Floor Jack

Floor Jack and jack standsis a good way to continue doing your maintenance.

How to make an electric jack

Jack Stands

Safety First

I know from working on my vehicles wheels seem to effect blood pressure. I was not as fortunate as the current generation is to have the cordless impacts.


My oldest son is really fond of his because, he was on the farm with me and I did not have one.

Personally, I think the Li+ ion battery impacts are the best inventions since the wheel.

Creeper/StoolNothing like a transforming creeper/stool to do those uncomfortable tasks that we must do sometimes.

After, you are done with all your brake and suspension work should we dare to open the hood. If your situation is anything like what mine was then you are always tinkering with your car as much as a cowboy cared for his horse.


Diagnostic Tools

So, we have the hood open and we are thinking what is wrong now!

One problem that vehicle owners have is an overheating issues. The way to test your cooling system for leaks is a Cooling System pressure tester

Diagnostics is one of the hardest concepts for a mechanic to conquer especially if the problem is electrical. A a crucial tool to assist in that type of work.


Digital Volt Ohm Meters have helped me find many problems.Test Light

 A test light has found a few problems also.

Continuity, voltage, voltage drops, diode tests to name how I used the meters. Since vehicles have become ground based spaceships the difficulty to diagnose has exponentiated. The need for oscilloscopes became apparent.


My price range was at the lower end but, they were adequate.

To test fuel injectors you may want Noid Lights

And to clean injectors you may want this Fuel Injector Service Kit

Another type of scope I used frequently was a bore scope. Now, they are cheap and you can use your phone to act as the camera. My oldest son introduced me to this product when they first came out. I have used it many times since.

Phone Scope   Personally, I did not think the angle mirrors were very good but, they did work.

Another aspect of diagnostics are OBD II codes. I first was introduced to the wifi code reader by a co-worker in Texas. They are relatively inexpensive and you can use your phone. The better the app you download the better the information you have to help in diagnosing.

rWiFi reader

Most local parts stores can read your codes for you but, that rarely did me any good. Maybe, your luck will be better.

A/C Service

Everyone likes A/C especially when it is hot. Here are the basics for A/C work.

Click here if you wish toCheck Prices

Door panel tool kit

Now, since the suspension and brake work are done and we fixed the bad injector and found that little tool that dropped. We get to wash the the grease off the vehicle.

Pressure washers are nice to have for more than just the exterior. They are great for cleaning engines and the really greasey suspension areas, driveways and just about anything.

Pressure Washer

I have cleaned many motors and I think that not smelling oil burning when I park at a friends’ house is healthier or less embarrassing not to have smoke rolling out from under the hood.

If you have the same vehicle long enough or buy one that needs a paint job and/or body work you will need more tools.

Air Compressor

These compressors are fine for small jobs, airing tires and things of that nature but, not for painting whole cars or massive air tool operations. The air supply demands are too great. I was able to port heads on my oldest sons vette with a compressor just like one of these.

If body work is within your talents perhaps, these type of tools will suit you.

Straight Sander

rOrbital Sander

Saber Saw

The orbital sander works great for buffing or reconditioning composite headlights. How-to-videos from you-tube would be handy.


Painting equipment does not compare in price to modern paint prices.

Painting requires a very clean environment and now home garages usually are not able to get past the ordinances of the local community. But, if you can get passed such things maybe these will help.

Spray Guns

The thinners and solvents used in modern paint are hazardous to your health. So, let us not forget to protect ourselves.


No matter what job you are about to tackle remember do not be too proud to ask for advise or to research the how-to videos readily available. But, most importantly remember Safety First.

tEngine Lift

Engine Stand

tElectric Hoist

Torque Wrench

Parts Cleaner


rBench Grinder

Jump Box

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