Starting Online

Build your niche. So what do I write about? Well, I guess I could write about one of the few things I know about. So, vehicles it is. Now what?

Buy a domain and start typing whatever makes any kind of sense following the niche. Train some more. Organize and develop according to the training. Update and train some more. I feel like I am college again.

Develop a logo and get it copyrighted. Argue with the developers to get their act together. Finally, a finished product with paper-work. Train some more and update the website. Incorporate, getting legal with the state of operation. Where are the aspirin? Train more and more and more.

Set up some cool plug-ins. Learn how to use the cool plug-ins. Train some more. Set up a store on-line. Set-up PayPal. Set-up and set-up and set-up..etc. Advertise locally and through social networks and advertise some more. What time is it? I do not want to be late for work.

Where are the aspirin? What time is the NAPA rep. coming. Is my tie on straight? Train some more. Get legal with the net with cookies. Discover some new plug-ins and learn to use them. It is heart-breaking to find out how dis-organized your media library is.

Check-out Facebook why am I not being advertised on the feed. Darn the wrong settings. How many friends are there? Train and update some more. Test some new JavaScript routines. Finally, something is working. Now to try to organize my media library. This seems hopeless. Now it is starting to make sense.

Train a little more. Take a break. Update and/or delete past posts. Try out some new ideas with the new equipment. Why is this not working? Where are the aspirins? Finally, making a few sales. Well, at least the paper I got is paid for. Train some more and update the whole time.

Find out what is up with this printer! Don’t flip the image this is a different type of vinyl. Finally, this is starting to work. I hope research and development is tax-deductible. The auto industry does it. O.K. I will call the guy. Do you know what is funny. I am only half done.

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