I have heard good and bad reviews about various inverters. I have had a couple different types and I had no problem with them. You just need to know their limits. Use on electric stoves and heaters would probably overload most of them due to wattage demand.

I have had a T.V. and multiple lights and had no problems. Their are a wide range of inverters from 600W to 10000W . Figure out what you would use it for and buy accordingly.

I chose this particular inverter for the fairly high output with multiple protection and the discount coupon. Plus, 3 outlets. This one seemed like a great bargain. But, I am a firm believer in doing your own research and decide for yourself.

Hand Tools

I have had so many different kinds of hand tools and over the years I can honestly say that most of them would still be working if not for using them beyond their rating.

Everything wears with time but, does that matter when they have lifetime  warranty? I have used hand tool sockets with impacts and added extensions to turn a 3/8″ ratchet. Yes I was not kind to my tools. I did keep them clean  and organized.

There are so many tool makers and tools for each maker. I say figure out what you may need and get it.

Floor Jack and Jack Stands

Here again we have so many different type of jacks and stands. I pointed this one out for a 1 1/2 ton car. When I am under something I do not like the idea of it dropping. Thus,  jackstands. You also have to consider the surface you have to work on. A junk yard trick was to throw wheels under the cars wheels or rocker panels, depending on the tasks. Keep in mind you want to finish the job not let the job finish you.


I chose this model because of personal first hand knowledge. This is the model my oldest son has and he loves it. It comes in handy in a junkyard where you have no air tools. I ask my son if I could borrow his once and he said,”no, buy your own.” He knows how I work tools.

Remember this is just the plain tool battery is extra. You can download the warranty pdf.

Cooling System Pressure Tester

I have used a variety of cooling system testers and I can not praise them enough. An essential tool for cooling systems. Nothing else works like this tool especially for hard to find leaks.


I have went through a drawer full of meters. I sent you to that site to let you figure out what you need by specs and you can probably get the same one at your local parts store. It might only be a few dollars more but, you get it now type thing happens.

And if, your local store does not have what you picked out you will know where to go.

Test Lights

There are a variety of test lights. I like the heavy duty type. Test lights do many quick checks for positive or negative connections. They really come in handy for testing fuses. Nobody likes pulling each and everyone for visual checking.

Usually a test light focused the search for more technical tests. I do not believe I know of any mechanics that do not have one.


This scope that I pointed you at is such a bargain. The scopes of my time cost a whole lot more and did less. Although I no longer work on cars regular I try to keep up with the changes and advances. Fluke puts out a small model but, be ready to pay for it. While you are at the site I put you on look around you may find something that suits you better.

Noid Lights

Noid lights are great for a quick test for fuel injector connector test. Many times you can not reach the injectors unless the intake is removed.

Fuel Injector Service Kit

This is a great tool to have if you just have one that is dirty. This kit lets you know what the spray looks like. Sometimes you still need to replace the injector.

Phone Scope

These type of bore scopes have such a wide variety of applications. Instead of writing about them just use your imagination. I have used it many times and for the price it can not be beat. Your phone can record what you see to show others.

I gave one of my young nephews one and he plays with it on everything. I wish they had this years ago when I bought one from Snap-on and yes as you might guess $$$.

Wifi Reader

The Foxwell reader works pretty well and has many good reviews. The best advice I can give you with this model is to download a good app. The better the app the better it works.

A/C Equipment

I have used many types of A/C equipment just like the tools and equipment displayed. I have found the better the seals and vacuum pump with gauges the more accurate the readings. New equipment works well and wear takes its toll on us all. I have been happy with the cheaper tools but, not at shop level use.

Pressure Washer

I am pointing out this model because it is electric, quite and easier to handle than the gas engine type with the same pressure for less. Those gas models are a little awkward to move around. The price for pressure and no oil change or gas refills seems like a deal to me.

Compressor and air tools

Compressors are like all the other tools.  You have to determine what will I use it for? The compressor I pointed you to is for small jobs or at least low pressure lengthy jobs. Until you know what you want to do than all I would do is research.

If you spray chemicals use a respirator.

Engine Lifts

The use of lifts requires some type of automotive experience. The main condition for the type of lift to use is working surface. The surface dictates strategy pushing or rolling, temporary help, etc…

hydraulic or electric,(To BE or Not to Be) that is the question.

Jump Starter

I have first hand knowledge about this type of jump starter and I like the compact power that these jump starters deliver. There only a few things worse than wanting to leave any given location only to find your battery is down.

This new Li+ ion technology is all they say it is. I can not stand behind all the jumps before recharging but, it worked when I had trouble with a MINI COOPER.

The compact design beats the bulk of the jump boxes previously sold on the open market.


Any questions or comments? Please leave below.



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