The quality of parts whether it is O.E.M. or aftermarket will be detrimental to longer life of any given component.

The newer the vehicle the less likely parts houses will have aftermarket parts available.

O.E.M. parts are typically higher in price because they are made of the best components available.

Aftermarket parts are usually adequate especially if the vehicle is older mainly because, the engineering, research and development of high density polymers and better grade of metal.

Brakes are a typical maintenance issue. Multiple components are all working together to stop a massive object from a high speed. Brakes are one of the major systems that needs to be working at peak efficiently. Having the best parts and fluids would seem to be of vital importance. Safety first.

Oil and filter changes increase the longevity of your engine. Proper driving habits are equally important. Drag racers rebuild every week. Every vehicle would last longer if driven calmly and safely.

All of the links that follow are your on-line parts stores.

Simple Tire


Advance Auto Parts

Race Chip

Vivid Racing

I am sure there are more but, I thought this was more than enough and at the same time I did not want to play favorites.

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