Oil Changes-range from 3K to 7.5K depending on the type of oil and driving conditions. As a line mechanic for many years I saw too many neglected engines.

Oil changes are one of the most important needs to give the engine a chance at longevity. That of course is not to take away from the need for coolant, hoses, belts, brakes, etc..

If, a motor is worked hard. The need for the oil to be changed is more likely to be needed sooner rather than later. To be determined by the estimated mileage rating of the oil used.

As far as leaking is concerned, the old wise tale around auto shops is, if you lose more than a quart between oil changes then you need to repair the leak.

Coolant has its own level of importance. A 50/50 mix has been determined to be the best for the motor. Reasons being pure water has a corrosive nature due to the H+ ions. Pure antifreeze has a similar effect at the other end of the pH scale.


For use as a guide.

Belts and hoses have their own functionality. After all, the belts control the peripheral elements of the motor like water pump, alternator and A/C compressor. Whose function is to keep up with cooling, electrical demands and comfort of the ride we like to have.

The more durable maintenance components of your vehicle are the brakes and suspension. Brakes are usually done annually depending on driving condition. The front brakes are usually done twice to the rear’s once, This is due to the Master Cylinder applying more pressure to the front brakes.

The suspension consisting of springs, control arms, struts, torsion bars, stabilizer links, etc.. All of which have their own way to alert you of a problem. My favorite saying is if the vehicle does anything different from what you would call normal, have it checked.

Tires are important for control and safety. Proper inflation maintains the chance for proper wear, barring mechanical problems.

I can not claim I never drove on a bald tire but, they will make you change it usually when you least need it, like raining on a dark country road.

All-in-all the basic maintenance needs are the same for all vehicles. Although, the parts cost varies depending on the type of vehicle.

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