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I have not owned a jeep but, a brother and my oldest son have and yes I helped them both fix or repair. I have had friends own one and they all constantly tinker.

I will admit they are fun to take into the woods and follow a creek bed crossing here and there.

That is where the roll-bar handles come in handy.

Most of the little add-on’s are strictly for looks and I think they are right.

Fancy hood latches and grill meshes are just a few that I noticed and liked.

Nothing says Jeep like Jeep does. A back pack full of accessories or a big lunch to satisfy the hungry after 4 wheeling all morning.

Especially, if you was working your winch climbing a near vertical hill. I know that kind of stuff will make you sleep good when it is all said and done.

I like the nylon cord in the place of the wire cable. The cable will bite you after you use it a few times.

The interior trim sets you apart from other Jeep owners. unless of course they need the same thing.

Hood locks, cable pins or latches they all are relative to personal preference.

The Avenger style hood is definitely something that you do not see everywhere.

Lighting up the woods at night to chose the better path may save some winching time but, that is just part of the fun.

The third brake light behind the spare tire looks good.

This is one of my favorite customizing displays. It set your Jeep a step above.

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