There are a wide variety of insurances. We will restrict the field to auto insurance. The types of insurances we will highlight are accidental insurance and extended warranties.

Accidental insurance has sub-divisions of various deductibles of liability and full coverage insurance. The laws for the minimum insurance coverage vary from state to state

Injury Law

The types of deductibles range from large deductibles for a lower premium to a low deductible with a higher premium.

Insurance companies offer all types of coverage and with more services the higher the premium. Pick and choose the things you may need to feel comfortable with your coverage and premium.

Finance companies usually require some type of full coverage.

Roadside assistance is a great thing to have for those of us who do not like changing a flat tire on a dark night in the country while raining. Or maybe, something worse.

Most of the prominent insurance companies offer a roadside assistance program. Of course, everyone has heard of/AAA

and the more elite.OnStar

Extended warranties are nice to have and is worth considering. The idea of paying full price for an engine rebuild or a transmission overhaul can be breath-taking.

The important aspect of extended warranties is they have strict guidelines that must be adhered to or they will reject payment. Know the guidelines in your policy.

Extended Warranties Online



Accident Insurance

Liberty Mutual


/state farm


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