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Due to the diversity of vehicle makes and models, the variety of jobs and services performed on any given model, I am unable to cover them within the scope of this website directly.

I have helpful links within Youtube to start you on the path for your desired outcome. Due to the board scope considered searching through Youtube to find something that applies to your situation is ultimately your dilemma.

Fortunately, You-tube videos are organized quite well for what they are up against.



A basic tool set, literature on your vehicle, in combination with a few Youtube videos, I am confident you will have success in your endeavor.



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Basic Tools
Free Manuals


Salvage Yards


In an attempt to save money we working class sometimes have to resort to used parts.

Many times the arduous effort is worth it and sometimes it is not.

My experiences have seen both.

One rule of thumb is if the component has multiple moving parts or electrical purchase insurance and ask about warranty policy.

Most salvage yards have a 30 day warranty policy. Online salvage yards may charge a restocking fee and you may have to mail it back at your expense or both.

Since aftermarket parts availability has improved salvage yards have lost a portion of their revenue stream.

Be careful & good luck



One of the most problematic situations derived from composite headlight assembly is the weather and sunlight.

They grow duller with age. The foggy appearance we see when looking at them and what we can not see when we use them at night.

With a bucket of water around 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper and elbow grease you will begin to see the fog disappear when wet. Then polish with a buffer. Be careful not to burn the plastic.

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