Buying Vehicles

The purchasing of a vehicle can be stressful. The more research done the better prepared you will be.
The Dreaded Search

I think one has to decided what do they need a vehicle for, whether it is for working or just transportation to work.

Trucks are typically used for working, hauling equipment or products to various sites to perform a variety of duties.

CEO’s would want a luxury car to impress future clients and to give the impression of success.

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A student would most likely need a gas-saver.

I have found that what one wants may be different than one needs. Teenage boys want hot-rods but, need economy cars.

Once the decision is made on type the search for affordability, maintenance and repair expectations come into play along with insurance costs.

Let us face facts some vehicles would cost more to insure than others for the same person.

If you like a car you find you will want to test drive thoroughly. Put the vehicle in a variety of conditions, such as city driving, highway, curving road, even a little bumpy will alert you to the soundness state of the vehicle you desire.

My oldest son’s hoopty (tweeked)

If your not familiar with vehicles bring someone you know that is competent.

Lemon Squad

Lemon Squad are paid inspectors. Car-fax has a checklist to assist in inspections.


Some vehicle have records that help and laws require disclosure if asked, Wrecked, flood reconditioned, etc. Ask questions. Do your research, google makes you a worthy adversary.

I am sure you can find a local shop to inspect the vehicle for a small fee at most.

If you find something wrong and still want the vehicle renegotiate the price. If they do not budge you have a decision to make that you may have to live with for a while, so think first then decide.


Other than where you might purchase a vehicle. There are these agencies.

Instant Loan

True Car


Once Purchased

You have the need for insurance (legal need). Insurance is like anything else you get what you pay for. The better the insurance the better the service.

State Farm

The minimum required by law does not help you much when you have problems. For example, you would probably not have insurance assisted car rental if you had an accident. Do your research for what you may need and can afford.

Car lots may require certain types from certain agencies. The time invested in research could pay off greatly.

Auto Fraud

A dealership lied to you about the condition of your recently purchased vehicle. You have options. yLaw Group


Maintenance/Shop vs. DIY


All vehicles have their own type of maintenance schedule which should be adhered to at least a close approximation.

Some types of maintenance can be done at home provided you have the tools and your residents ordinances allow such things.


YouTube has plenty of how to videos that help if one does not already know. Tools to do basic tasks can most likely be purchased at your local parts store orronline

Most tasks are relatively straight forward if, something does not go wrong. For example, a spark plug breaks in the cylinder head.

It would be wise to know your limits. Research what you do not know and perhaps ask for assistance from a friend that may know.

Shops usually have set prices for routine tasks and sometimes you may find sale prices to promote business. Do not be afraid to look around.

Chrome One


New cars have warranties that would be foolish to do something to void it out.

Used cars have limited warranties depending on their age and where you buy your car.

/Car Shieldis one company that offers extended warranties.

Extended warranties are usually age and mileage dependent and have strict adherence policies that must be followed.


AAAhas a good road side assistance program that I always got for the riders on my policy.

Roadside assistance programs are growing. Some have fees plus charges depending on the problem.

OnStarthe more elite roadside assistance.


Everyone knows some vehicles are worth more than others and within the like type vehicle you have customized vs. stock standard. Some customizing improves the value and some shrink the market resale demographics. Most massive customizing one rarely retrieves the value they have invested.

A point A to B shipper

Vehicle Shipper


Inspecting a vehicle is essential to knowing what you are buying. Let’s face it a vehicle is a large expense.

There are paid professionals that will inspect your desired purchase. Lemon Squad is one or you could have a trusted local shop to check it out usually for a small fee.

If you know a little about vehicles has a checklist you can use as a guide.

Lemon Squad


Title Transfer

Each state has their own requirements for title transfers. I have assigned a couple of links that could prove invaluable. Items to check for are:

Lien Holder

Rebuilt Title

ID of previous owner

and back taxesRocket Lawyer

Legal Contract


I started to cut some of the on-line car sales sites but, I thought you might have a preference.

Cars Direct


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