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I began displaying a mechanical aptitude when I was not even a teenager. My father will verify that by stories of me taking the door knobs in our house apart. In the beginning, it did not work out well but, persistence prevails and I was able to start on the wind-up clocks and there again in the beginning not so good.

Well, after a few years I started to help older brothers of my friends. By the time I got my own car I thought I was a pro. It was not long before I figured out when you make a mistake it gets in your pocket.

After the military, things were different. I learned to read, ask questions and take my time til I knew I had a handle on it and even then sometimes it bit me.

Now, after a few years 4 children and a whole head of white hair. I have a clue.

I took classes, went to schools, but, it seemed liked you really do not know until you get your hands dirty.

Hence, the purpose of this website.

I have hopes of helping those that may or may not have my childrens advantage.

Explore, Enjoy have Fun

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